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At the end of a challenge, teams with the most points and best ideas win cash prizes, and even scholarship opportunities.

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Winning teams and competitors are recognized on our social media platforms, in the news, and across the nation.

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Competitions take place in a professional environment and give you direct access to industry experts in emerging fields.

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A few of our previous challenges

Combine Redesign – A Bigger Bin

Find a way to expand the carrying capacity of the grain hopper on a combine.

Empowering Equity

Develop a solution that furthers economic or vocational equity for any group that you feel is undervalued or disadvantaged.

Building Community in a Tech-Centric World

Develop a new, tech-centric solution or a “must have” add-on to an existing technology that fosters community among users.

Re-envision School in the Post COVID-19 World:

Design how school will now work after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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