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Frequently Asked Questions

(we don’t have all the answers, but here’s a few!)

What is Find the Why?

Find the Why is a non-profit organization designed to give young people across the globe access to real-world advice and information. In other words, we are a virtual career and life coach. We can give you the opportunity to experience what it is like to solve real-world problems, talk with industry leaders, and discover your own skills and talents.
Through our seasonal competitions, young people can challenge themselves by solving real-world business, industry, and social problems presented by us and our competition sponsors. They can use their skills and discover new ones by solving the competition challenges. They can connect and network with business and industry leaders by asking them for advice in our competitions. Finally, competitors in our competitions compete to win cash prizes and real-world experience.

What are Find the Why Competitions?

Find the Why Competitions are seasonal, online contests held every couple of months by us and our sponsors.
The competitions are designed to give anyone the opportunity to experience what it is like to work with and solve real-world problems, network with industry leaders, practice and learn new skills, grow on a personal and professional level, and win prize money.
Our competitions last one week and competitors sign up and work in teams of 1-4. When competitors sign up to compete, they must invite their team members via our online competition platform, choose a challenge to complete fo the competition, answer the required competition questions, and create a 1-2 minute long video presentation of their solution to the challenge.
We usually offer 2 to 3 challenges per competition, and those are selected by our challenge sponsors. The challenges ask competitors to either solve a certain problem or conceptualize a certain idea. Teams with the best ideas or solutions have a chance to place in the top ten and win prize money.
In each competition, we usually have a certain amount of prize money to hand out to the top ten winning teams. The money is divided up upon the top ten, with the top three gradually receiving more of the share. Prize money is sent out to competitors via Prize Payments.

How do I join a Find the Why competition?

Anyone can join Find the Why competitions online and at no cost. All you need to do is register for our next competition on our website.
To register, click on the link, click “Register,” enter your email and create a password, then wait until the next competition begins.

How long are Find the Why competitions?

Find the Why competitions are completed online and typically last 7 days.

How do winning competitors receive their prize money?

All winning competitors will receive their earnings from a competition via Prize Payments.
Prize Payments is an online, automated prize payment system designed to provide a fast and safe payment process for online competitions.

How are winning teams determined in Find the Why competitions?

As you compete in a Find the Why competition, you and your team will earn Grit and Boom points. As you compete in a challenge, you can track your team’s Grit score on the leaderboard. The Boom score will be given to teams after the competition is over by the Find the Why competition judges. Both of these scores are factored into an algorithm that determines the winning teams of Find the Why competitions.

What are the challenges currently offered for the Find the Why Competition?

You can view the upcoming challenges, along with detailed descriptions of each here.

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